Dieting and exercise can whittle ‘beach ball’ fat

Q: How do i know if I’ve got a harmful quantity of visceral fat?

A: Visceral fat is fat that collects round the abdomen — giving a “beach ball” look in some instances.

Nobody knows precisely when fat becomes harmful, stated Dr. Noyan Gokce, an employee cardiologist in the Boston College Med school, with a federal grant to research the variations between “healthy” and “unhealthy” fat. But fat appears some thing differently when pressed near to the kidney, liver and pancreas, he stated.

Although everybody carries some visceral fat, gaining excessive amounts appears to occur only when there’s a disorder, frequently associated with age, within the storage of ordinary or “subcutaneous” fat, he stated. There are many theories with this, including the body loses the opportunity to make new healthy fat under the skin cells to exchange old, dying ones or that weight acquired rapidly overwhelms our body’s capability to store healthy fat. Could also be an inflammatory procedure that causes the disorder. In females, hormone changes during menopause might also may play a role.

Genetics plays a significant role in just how much visceral fat you receive while you put on weight, stated Dr. Caroline Apovian, director from the Diet and Weight Loss Center at Boston Clinic. The good thing is that visceral fat does appear with weight reduction.

One 2010 study by which researchers surgically removed visceral fat found no improvement within the subjects’ health, Apovian stated. This means the only helpful method to lose visceral fat is thru dieting and exercise.

“I can’t explain that fully,” she stated.

— Karen Weintraub, The Brand New You are able to Occasions

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