Gates foundation to invest over $300 million in Tanzania in 2017

DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) – Bill Gates has told Reuters his foundation intends to spend more money than $300 million in Tanzania this season on public health insurance and poverty reduction programs.

Within an interview, the millionaire stated aid was now being spent “inside a smarter way” in certain parts around the globe.

“Some countries make good progress within the decrease in childhood deaths and decrease in poverty, with Tanzania being an example,Inch stated Gates, during a vacation to the east African country.

“I see a way for the eradication of malaria and Aids/AIDS, but that is gonna take lots of science and lots of investment.”

The Balance and Melinda Gates Foundation has spent vast amounts of dollars on aid projects worldwide recently, a lot of it in Africa.

Gates stated he was hopeful the U.S. Congress would still resist President Jesse Trump’s intends to make deep cuts to development aid.

A Republican-brought Senate panel recently rejected suggested reductions.

“Trump did propose a large aid cut, but Congress … pressed back on individuals proposals. It’s obvious they might not cut much aid,” he stated.

The U.S. government promised in May to provide Tanzania a $526m aid package this season with the President’s Emergency Arrange for AIDS Relief program.

Editing by Elias Biryabarema and Andrew Roche

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