Sarasota Memorial tops region in U.S. News ranking

The annual list is carefully viewed within the healthcare industry.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital was recognized Tuesday within the annual U.S. News “Best Hospitals” report because the eighth-best acute healthcare facility in Florida, and reported for top performance across the country in gastroenterology and gastrointestinal surgery.

It had been also listed as “top performing” in most nine common procedures and types of conditions evaluated through the report: cancer of the colon surgery, cancer of the lung surgery, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart failure, heart bypass surgery, aortic valve surgery, abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, and knee and hip replacements. Which makes it certainly one of only 48 hospitals from 4,500 within the U . s . States to do this overall top quality, and something of 4 within the condition. Others are Florida Hospital in Orlando, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville and Orlando Regional Clinic.  

The 2010 ranking is really a slight slip in the 2016 report, which put Sarasota Memorial at No. 5 within the condition. No Florida facility made the publication’s “recognition roll” from the top 20 hospitals, and just certainly one of individuals — at Duke College in New York — is at the Southeast.

Other Bonita Springs hospitals didn’t make U.S. News’ ranking of 35 top hospitals within the condition. But three were listed as high-performing in a number of treatments: Blake Clinic in Bradenton in cancer of the colon surgery and hip substitute Doctors Hospital of Sarasota in knee substitute and Fawcett Memorial Hospital in Port Charlotte now in heart failure. 

Of the numerous national hospital rating systems that evaluate exactly the same data — mostly self-as reported by hospitals towards the Centers for Medicare and State medicaid programs Services — the U.S. News report is recognized as probably the most trustworthy due to its insufficient ties towards the healthcare industry.

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