Surgeon reused five rectal catheters on a large number of patients

A Nj surgeon’s medical license continues to be temporarily suspended for allegedly reusing disposable rectal catheters on multiple patients.

Attorney General Christopher Porrino states East Brunswick, Nj-based colon and rectal surgeon Dr Sanjiv Patankar allegedly washed and reused the main one-use catheters which are placed into patients during surgical procedures.

Condition officials say they’ve evidence that Patankar purchased only five catheters during time as he performed 82 procedures requiring them.

The condition Board of Medical Examiners unanimously dicated to suspend the physician’s license a week ago, saying he ‘placed patients in obvious and imminent danger.’

Dr Sanjiv Patankar's license was suspended after he reused anal catheters on patients

Dr Sanjiv Patankar's license was suspended after he reused anal catheters on patients

Dr Sanjiv Patankar’s license was suspended after he reused rectal catheters on patients

Patankar’s license will stay temporarily suspended pending a complete hearing within the condition Office of Administrative Law and before the Board of Medical Examiners takes final action according to further findings.

Dr Patankar is really a colon and rectal surgeon that has been performing operations on patients at Robert Wood Manley College Hospital in Nj. 

Rectal catheters like those that Dr Patankar used and reused are plastic tubes which are placed in to the anus to gather fecal mater in order to put fluid in to the rectal cavity and intestines. 

‘It is appalling that the physician would participate in this kind of unsanitary and harmful practice,’ stated Nj Attorney General Porrino inside a statement from his office.

‘Through his alleged conduct, Dr Patankar has shown a reckless disregard for public safety that placed numerous patients vulnerable to communicable illnesses,’ added Porrino. 

The only-use medical devices cost less than $.25 on Alibaba.  

Surgeons may rectal catheters to purge an individual’s insides with saline solution or collect stoole samples to check for indications of abnormalities, as Dr Patankar was doing.

The tests, known as anorectal manometries are utilized to evaluate patients for constipation, constipation or insufficient bowel control. 

Anal catheters (pictured) like Dr Patankar reused on his patients sell for $0.25 on Alibaba

Anal catheters (pictured) like Dr Patankar reused on his patients sell for $0.25 on Alibaba

Rectal catheters (pictured) like Dr Patankar reused on his patients cost $.25 on Alibaba

To do the exam, the little finish from the tube could be placed in to the patient’s rectum, he then would inflate a little balloon to spread out in the rectal cavity. Another finish was mounted on a piece of equipment to gauge pressure.  

Based on an announcement in the Nj Office from the Attorney General (OAG), Dr Patanker used an outdated form of this machine, and also the condition contended throughout the Tuesday hearing the catheter tubes were on back order. 

From analyzing administrative documents, a legal court discovered that his office purchased only five catheter tubes throughout the period between The month of january 1 to November 30 2017. 

During the same time frame, he told performed 82 from the rectal evaluation tests, evidently with simply individuals five tubes, or older ones, based on the OAG release. 

Based on testimony from his medical assistants – though others defended him – Dr Patankar were built with a special procedure through which he said excitedly to wash the catheters for use on future patients. 

He’d them wash the tubes in water and soap first, then soak them in bleach for half an hour. These were, apparently, then rinsed again and overlooked to air dry prior to being replaced within their original plastic packages – which, prosecutors contended, are clearly marked ‘do not reuse. 

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