To get rid of more fat than muscle, try weight lifting

Q: What exercise can help me stay trim when i grow older?

A: Successful weight reduction isn’t easy, and gets to be more difficult as we grow older. The majority of us obtain a pound or more every year during mid-life. We frequently begin naturally to get rid of a lot of our muscle tissue.

This transformation in body composition matters, because when the proportion in our body made up of fat tissue increases, our metabolic rates fall so we burn less calories. We dwindle strong as our muscles shrink.

So many experts agree the recommended weight-loss program would maximize weight loss while sparing muscle tissue. However this is tough to attain: Typically, whenever we drop one pound, over a third of this loss may come from muscle, with the remainder made up of fat.

Training with weights could become more effective than the usual walking program, according to a different study in Weight problems by researchers at Wake Forest College.

Study participants who had cut calories although not labored out lost typically about 12 pounds. Individuals who’d cut calories and walked dropped about 20 pounds, while individuals who’d dieted and weight-trained also lost about 20 pounds. But body-composition scans demonstrated the weight trainers had lost a couple of pounds of muscle and 18 pounds of fat, as the walkers had dropped about 4 pounds of muscle and 16 pounds of fat.

“Walking is great exercise,” stated Kristen M. Beavers, a helper professor of health insurance and exercise science and also the study’s lead author. But it may not prompt older people’s physiques to keep muscle as effectively as weight lifting, she stated.

— Gretchen Reynolds, The Brand New You are able to Occasions

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